January 2017 Wrap – Up

One month down. Eleven more to go! I cannot believe that January is over. How did that happen so fast?! Anyway, today I’m sharing with you all the things I read last month. It’s definitely not much but I fairly enjoyed everything I read. From now on for every book I read in Polish I’ll add the cover of the edition I read.


1. Batman: Year One – Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli, Richmond Lewis


An absolute classic. This volume tells the story of the first year of Bruce Wayne as Batman. Great place to start with this iconic character.


2. Batman: The Man Who Laughs – Ed Brubaker, Doug Mahnke, Patrick Zircher


Chronologically it comes directly after Batman: Year One. In this one we learn more about Batman’s first encounter with his gratest nemesis – the Joker. I really enjoyed this one.

3. The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) – Brandon Sanderson

I’ve heard only fantastic things about this trilogy (and Brandon Sanderson in general) so I thought I’d give it a go. My first thought? Why didn’t I read it sooner?! It has everything I look for in a fantasy novel. The world building is outstanding. So well crafted and complex, yet you don’t get confused despite the abundance of details thrown at you from almost very beginning. The magic system is unique. Incredibly fast-paced and engrossing. Likeable characters, healthy dose of sarcasm. It’s the perfect combination. Imagine Ocean’s Eleven with magic and political intrigue driven story. But darker. Much darker. Needless to say I loved it and am looking forward to continuing with the rest of the series.


4. The Walking Dead vol. 27: The Whisperer War – Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano


This volume isn’t out yet but I’ve been buying the single issues individually as they came out each month just so I could read them as soon as I can. Over 160 (!) issues into the story and I still don’t get bored. This series never fails to keep me at the edge of my seat. One more thing I’ll be always grateful for is how much my vocabulary has improved (swear words wise) over the years of reading TWD.

5. The Eleventh Metal (Mistborn #0.5) – Brandon Sanderson

Small but rather interesting addition to the first book in the series. I’m officialy obsessed.


6. Asking for it – Louise O’Neill

Definitely one of the most important books I’ve read so far. I’ve been praising Louise O’Neill’s work ever since I read “Only Ever Yours”. I’ve been recommending her books to anyone and everyone who’d listen (and tho those who wouldn’t but that’s a completely different story). I even went as far as recommending Asking For It long before I read it myself. Why? I’ve never done that before. I knew I would love it (I don’t think that the best word to use in this case but you get the idea) and I knew this book should be read and talked about.

It’s not an easy read and not a pleasent one. Many times I found myself cringing and wanting to throw the book at the wall screaming my guts out. But it’s an important story. Why? Because it can happen to any of us. It tells the story of Emma O’Donovan who after a party wakes up on the porch of her house not remembering anything that happend to her the night before. But everyone around does.

Asking For It is about rape culture. How the victim has to fight to prove that she’s not the one to blame. How she has to prove to everyone around her (in many cases herself included) that she’s the victim. It’s about people who are so quick to judge knowing only pieces of information (or not knowing anything at all). Sounds familiar? Yes. Beacuse it happens everywhere all the time. There are houndreds of thousands Emmas out there.

I found this book extremely difficult to read. It made me mad. As simple as that. This isn’t sugar coated. It’s brutaly honest and real. And you won’t like it. But that’s the reality of it all.  Please read it and share it with your loved ones.


I had a fantastic reading month. What are some of your January favourites?

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