Stars in Her Hair Art subscription box! February | Review

I was very kindly sent first Stars in Her Hair Art subscription box for review by lovely Lucy Lapinski who’s one very crafty lady (which I’ll prove in a minute). She’s also an author of YA fiction and colorful hair enthusiast. You should definitely follow her on Twitter if you don’t already (cute pictures, feminism & and broadly defined sassiness, do you need more convivcing?).

But let’s go back to the main thing, shall we? Right. This is a review which by definition means that a reviewer (me) shares with an audience (you) her thoughts on certain product. Let me start by saying that now I fully understand why people choose to start You Tube channels instead of traditional blogs. How can one express lots of squealing and other unearthly noises on a page? Exactly. Therefore this is where the “traditional review” part ends. I’ll do my best tho. Bear with me.

Stars in Her Hair Art is Etsy shop which is a paradise for every scrapbooking & journaling loving folk. You can find there all sorts of vintage prints (also framed), paper ephemera and subscription boxes!

Theme for February  was “Feathers and Wings” and let me spoil this review for you: I LOVED IT.

My first thought (and sound I made) when I opened the box was: how cute! But no, seriously everything was so cute (impressive vocabulary, don’t you think?) but most importantly great quality. You can definitely tell that so much effort goes into each item put in the box. My second thought? I’m not gonna be able to use any of it. (What a great thing to say in a review) Why, you may ask? Because I’m not even half as talented as I’d like to be and I don’t want to ruin all of it with my futile attempts at being crafty.

Now let me take you through the contents of the box (incoherent thoughts may occur, deal with it).

Who doesn’t love tissue paper? Excitment was real!


Oil Pastels – again, great quality
Canvas – this is one item I’m particularly reluctant to use. You’ve got only one shot at this. And I’m not throwing away mine! (ignore that inadvertent Hamilton reference). 
Stickers! I’m unhealthy fond of stickers (in all honesty, who isn’t?)
I’ve heard myths about the wonders of washi tape and I’m unable to express how excited I am for this. 
Lovely vintige print which I’ll be surely hanging on my wall.
I know this is a tag of sorts (it is, right?) but excuse me while I use it as a bookmark. I mean, it has ribbon (don’t judge me).
Set of Mountain Birds stamps. I can’t wait to use it!
Even the business cards are so nice and sturdy! (another perfect bookmark material. I have a problem, I know).
Paper ephemera pack – lovely prints of birds (I already used some of them in my own journal and they look fabulous)


Another case of “too cute to use it” item  – a vintige-looking card. 

To sum it all up: I LOVED everything in the box and if you’re into scrapbooking, journaling and all things crafty you will love it too.

Now the most important part: where can you buy Stars in Her Hair Art subscription box?

Go to Stars in Her Hair Etsy Shop and simply choose between:

  • one-off for £20.00 (plus shipping)

  • 4-month Subscription for £35.00 (plus shipping)

  • 8-month Subscription for £68.00 (plus shipping)

Boxes are bi-monthly, posted on the first of every alternate month (February, April, June, etc.). Each one contains around 20 items based on a theme. The next box available to order ships in APRIL, and the box theme is: MAPS AND TRAVEL (trust me, you don’t want to miss this one).

SIHH ships internationally so you have no excuse not to get it.

! Remember: Orders must be received by the 25th of the preceding month (ie to order April’s box, you must order by the 25th March).

Get yourself a box of goodies and get crafty!

Thank you so so much Lucy for sending the box my way!

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