Stoneface Films Podcast – Review (sorta)


Today’s post won’t be about books (I know what you’re gonna say: This is ola READS! What is the meaning of this?!) You know what? Ola LISTENS to stuff too (now I’m talking in third person and it’s getting weirder by the minute). But let’s get back on track, shall we?

I do love listening to podcasts. Those of you who have to endure neverending commute to work every single day will surely understand. And what can work better to brighten up your mood than 3 bearded Irish lads talking absolute nonsense? Exactly.

Stoneface Films Podcast is the product of three extraordinary gents’ creation. Hosts Jon Hozier Byrne and Davey Reilly are joined by the Engineer, Rob O’Sullivan (aka the biggest Star Wars fan ever known) to bring us joy and sparkles twice a week.

They are each week joined by guests to answer questions asked via Twitter. And those questions are of the utmost importance. Ever wondered who’d win in a fist fight between Margaret Thatcher and Hilary Clinton? Wanted someone to explain the theory of communism using a sandwich? Look no further. Stoneface Films’s got you covered. And this is all as ridiculous and fabulous as it sounds.

I must warn you though. It should be labelled “Listen at your own risk. May cause uncontrollable bursts of laughter. Should under no circumstances be listened to while drinking / eating” (Unless you want to choke to death. This is something I’ve learned from experience).

Where else you’d be able to find soon to become classic lines such us: “Dudes that wrote the Bible”, “I was about to say I adore handjobs. I adore the term handjobs because of the lack of ambition it represents…there’s a great pessimism to it that I really enjoy.” or “There’s a beautiful sadness to the term wank.”?

If you’re into comedy and all things nerdy you absolutely can’t miss this one!

Be sure to check  Stoneface Films Podcast out and join the craic on Twitter !

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