When the World Wounds – Kiini Ibura Salaam | Review


I was sent this book for free in exchange for an honest review 

  • When the World Wounds is a newly published collection of short stories by Kiini Ibura Salaam, award winning author.

“Kiini Ibura Salaam is a writer, painter, and traveler from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her work is rooted in eroticism, speculative events, and personal freedom. She has been widely published and anthologized in such publications as the Dark Matter, Mojo: Conjure Stories, and Colonize This! anthologies, as well as Essence, Utne Reader, and Ms. magazines. Her short story collection Ancient, Ancient — winner of the 2012 James Tiptree, Jr. award — contains sensual tales of the fantastic, the dark, and the magical. Her micro-essays on writing can be found at www.kiiniibura.com or in her Notes From the Trenches ebook series. When the World Wounds (Third Man Books 2016) is her second collection of speculative short stories.” from thirdmanbooks.com

  • Speculative fiction is a new genre to me therefore I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have anything to compare it with.
  • I do love to encounter new literary pieces across genres, so this was the perfect opportunity to do so.
  • Let me start by saying that this collection plunges you deep into the unexpected from the very first page.
  • I don’t want to go into much detail plot wise as I do strongly believe that with this particular genre one should read it knowing as little about the plot as possible.
  • This is the beauty of speculative fiction: it gives you hints, clues, not giving too much right away. It is up to you how much you will discover and you are given plenty of space to interpret it layer by layer.
  • I will say this much: if you are looking for short stories that are dark, alluring, amibiguous and disturbing in so many ways, look no further. When The World Wounds might be your answer. It explores what is the closest to human nature and yet is so often left unspoken about. It tackles lust, grief, power and strenght. The most human instincts. This and so much more. All explored in ways that will leave you wanting more. Hipnotizing, and utterly fascinating. Give Kiini Ibura Salaam’s “When the World Wounds” a chance to surprise you. In more ways you could possibly imagine.

You can purchase “When the World Wounds” here:


The Book Depository

Third Man Store


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