20 – ish Books of Summer 2016

Lovely Cathy over at 746books is once again hosting #20booksofsummer reading challenge – over the course of summer (June 1 – September 5 to be exact) you are challenged to read 20 books. It’s my second year participating and as we are almost halfway through, I thought it’s about time I share with my progress (or lack of it). And on a shiny new blog!

In comparison with last years edition (during which I read more than 20 books) I’m failing spectacularly. Pre – summer time was ridiculously busy for me – last weeks of university, finals, dissertation, I read loads, not necessarily for pleasure though. In all honesty after all this mayhem I didn’t feel like reading anything at all (I guess that’s what you call a reading slump). 

So far I managed to read only one book (I feel overwhelmingly accomplished). I’m slowly getting over this post-finishing-university & finals-stress-disorder and hoping to get a lot more reading done. I have so much catching up to do! 

Speaking of catching up, in attempt to motivate myself I prepared a list of 14 books to read. In my case number isn’t the problem (I read relatively quickly), it’s the list itself. As it turns out I’m unable to follow any sort of lists: of books to read/movies to watch (I’m doing pretty well with groceries though) Once I put a book/movie on a list I lose interest in it immediately. I’m fully aware of the ridiculousness of my behaviour as it only seems to be applicable to lists I write down (the ones I make in my head seem to work). 

The reason I tried (in vain) to stick to a list was to motivate myself to read only books from my never-ending-ever-growing TBR pile. I even posted a picture on Twitter as a friendly reminder 

Obviously I’ve already ventured far away from that path. So from now on I will read whatever my heart desires (at the moment it’s annoyingly indecisive) and just go with the flow as they say.  

The number of things I’ve read may not be impressive but I fairly enjoy my reading experience. To create an impression of reading more I’m currently reading mostly comics. 

Herby I present you rather impressive (wouldn’t you agree?) list of everything I managed to read so far for #20booksofsummer

1. Bridge of snow – Marie Rutkoski

2. A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J Maas

3. Persepolis vol. 1 – Marjane Satrapi 

4. Username: Evie – Joe Sugg 

5. Astonishing X-Men vol. 1, 2 – Joss Whedon 

6. Pretty Deadly #6 – Kelly Sue DeConnick & Emma Ríos

7. The Walking Dead #156 – Robert Kirkman

8. Wytches #1, 2, 3 – Scott Snyder & Jock

Plus a lot of poetry: Rupi Kaur, Charles Bukowski, W. B. Yeats, Wislawa Szymborska. 

How’s your Books of Summer challenge going? 

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