Only Ever Yours – Louise O’Neill | Review 

Relationship between an author and a reader is special. Forming with every page it blossoms slowly either pulling the reader in the story or spitting him right out. Trusting an author you’ve never read anything by might be a dangerous business. Trust must be gained. But when do decide this is it? This is the story. One that will resonate with you during the day. One that will send shivers down your spine.

Rarely you read 4 chapters of a book and decide to write a review. Because you can’t bottle up your feelings anymore. Because you trust the author.

I took the risks. I trusted an author. Her name is Louise O’Neill.

You may have heard of her. Wildly popular YA author. Winner of more literary awards I could count. Known for her sharp tongue and wit (she’s Irish, what else would you expect?) If you need proof Snapchat my friends is the ultimate answer. But you’re here for a book review not for my ramblings about how great Louise is (even though it’s completely justified).

You have to keep in mind that I decided to write this review based purely on 4 chapters of Only Ever Yours I’ve read so far. That’s hell of a credit to give. But I’m not worried. With full responsibility for my words I can say that my opinion won’t change by the time I’m done with the story.

Boarding school in a world where girls are  designed like robots for one purpose – to please men. World in which standards of beauty are valued more than anything else. World where young women are ranked like race horses based solely on their physical appearance. And they are willing to endure it all. Because that’s how life works. That’s what they are created to do.

Wait I forgot I was supposed to write about a work of fiction. Because how different is the world presented in the story from the one we live in nowadays? Not much. Exactly.

O’Neill writes with harrowing accuracy about things that yet not enough people are ready to acknowledge. Dealing with painfully applicable issues of gender role, fear of not fitting into the ‘norm of beauty’ and the need of acceptance at all costs. Regardless of your age, gender or whatever different label you wish to put on yourself.  Brace yourself. This journey won’t be easy. It will keep you uncomfortable, unsettled, unnerved (and many other u-words I’m having trouble coming up with). But it’s worth it.

If you don’t speak English (or any other languages ‘Only Ever Yours’ has been translated into) this is one hell of a good reason to start learning.

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