Starting a blog – why & because

First of all  – thank you for taking the time to read this. Let my introduce myself. I’ve been a pationate reader for as along as I can remember. I’ve also been following many blogs of many wonderful people some of whom I’m proud to call my friends. Over the years I’ve learned how welcoming this community of books – loving people can be. After receiving words of encouragement I deceided to finally start my own blog – a special place where I can share my love of all things bookish with others.

Why now? I have to share a secret with you (which you’ve probably figured out by now). English isn’t my first language. Hence my hesitation. Creating comprehensive content in a language other than your own might be slightly daunting. After giving it much thought I’ve come to the conlusion: now’s as good a time as any. My English may not be perfect (and I’m fully aware of that) but what better way to improve your skills that writing about something you’re so passionate about?

I will attempt to write book, comic and  movie reviews (review sounds so seriously doesn’t it?) here for our mutual enjoyment (I hope).

Enough of my rambling (for now). Thank you once againg for taking the time to read this.

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